Travel Insurance

The Importance of Subscribing to Travel Insurance 

Before Your Trip

It is strongly recommended to subscribe to insurance when purchasing a trip. Even though we hope to never need it, it can be of great help. 

Cancellation Insurance, offered by our partners, helps manage financial risks in case of unexpected cancellation. Terre d'Égypte, with financial commitments with hotels, carriers, guides, etc., offers a specific reimbursement scale in case of cancellation, which you can find in your quote.

During Your Trip

The Comprehensive Insurance, in addition to the cancellation option, provides complete coverage in case of an accident at your destination. It includes 24/7 tele-consultation, coverage of medical and hospitalization expenses, and repatriation if necessary.

Terre d'Égypte Travel Insurance

In partnership with Chapka and Axa, Terre d'Égypte offers 3 insurance formulas specially designed for its clients:

It is very important to consider this now as you only have a maximum of 48h from your first payment to subscribe.